PVC Fire Resistance(EC)

PVC Insulated sheathed fire resistance electric cable

    Usage and using property
    0.6/1kV PVC insulated fireproof power cable isdesigned and manufactured according to IEC60502 , its physical and electrical performance is the same as common plastic power cable. Itsfireproof performance conforms to IEC 60331, therefore, this kind of product not only can transmit power for 120min in fire of 750—800,this kind of cable is especially suitable for important locations such as tall building, underground railway, power station and so on, where requires ability of fire-control.

    Model and name

Model Description
NH—VV Copper conductor PVC insulated sheathed fire proof electric power cable
NH—VV 22 Copper conductor PVC insulated and steel tape armoured-proof electric power cable


Remarks :

Single core cables are used in alternating system, adopting aluminium tape armour.