Our Company Profile

Triple Circle Industry Co., Ltd. is situated in Ruby Industrial Zone of Sagaing in Sagaing Region, the Republic the union of Myanmar. 

Our company runs by manufacturing, distributing and selling different types of domestic wires (wire for home use) and cable wires, which are produced with up-to-date and qualified techniques, throughout the whole country.

Since the time of first establishing the company, it has been operating with new successive managing systems in order to be an up-to-date industry with ever renewing ideas of production technologies. 

Moreover, aiming to be a successful and long-lasting industry, the products are being manufactured with experienced and skillful techniques by the use of the world’s latest machines and reliable quality control machines.
Furthermore, our company gets a good name for her reliable and qualified wires for home use and cable wires. The main products of our company are Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforce (A.C.S.R), aluminium stranded conductor, PVC insulated and sheathed wire, 0.6-1 KV PVC insulated and sheathed power cable, PVC insulated and sheathed fire retardant cable and refractory cable, HDPE insulated and LLDPE sheathed communication cable, telephone connection LLDPE sheathed wire, PVC insulated and sheathed control power cable and Hard Drawn Bare Copper (H.D.B.C) etc.

All the products of the company are manufactured to meet the International IEC standard. According to the wishes of the users, we can also manufactured to meet the GB standard of China, the UL standard of America, the BS standard of England and the standards of other industrialized countries around the world.
Our company has been operating on the basis of the combination of honesty and trusty, and also on making the proudcts with up-to-date techniques. The main purpose or first priory of our company is to implement the right quality for all products and to be widely used.
Triple Circle Company is taking a part as a strong national industry in building the peaceful and developing country, and also promises to carry on according to her aims and objectives.